Everyday, thousands of great Americans decide to move a different direction in life.  They fall into a class so long forgotten through the depths of time.  The “Warrior Class”; the Samurai to the Japanese, the Knights to the Christians, the Spartan Warriors to the Spartan Greeks, has been slowly blending into a society that no longer understands them.  How hard it is to be in such a selfless profession in a community that is so individualistic, maybe not considered in a community anymore.  There is so many who believe they understand what we do and why, even to the point where they feel their opinion is valid and important in the subject.  Yet every day, more and more of these warriors join a new community, a family of brothers and sisters who would do anything for each other.  A strange kind of love, unkept by where they grew up, what their “race” is, or what “class” they were in.  Young and old, poor and rich, these men and women find this calling not for the monetary reasons, but to serve something greater than themselves.  One group of bloggers OAFnation, drives the “We Stand Alone Together” mentality.  As Soldiers, we are surrounded by people that do not understand us and are told that we need to conform to their mold.  That we are still part of their “class” and we must be where we came from.  We must fit the racial and political norm that our parents and old friends have.  The lack of depth and perspective that kind of mentality portrays is not part of our “We Stand Alone Together” mentality.  We, modern warriors, understand each other and in turn must band together through this journey called life.  We are different, and that’s ok, because together we are even greater than we were when we left. We are home. Standing together.  All 1% of us.

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother!” -Henry V

Harambe 6

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