After the first day of Basic Combat Training in the U.S. Army, I knew I’d be fine. Well, we would be fine, my new brothers and I.  When I fell asleep that night, I smiled, I had accomplished something many have not.

How many people can really say that they took on a challenge like this?  Something only 1% of the population experiences.

So day would come and my limits would be tested.  Then nights would come and I’d go to sleep happy and fulfilled.

I think when I really look back at it, through the madness, I see clarity.  It was clear what I was very good at and what I really sucked at it.  I really sucked at climbing ropes and is something 11 years later that I hate.  The one thing I truly had learned was that no man can go about this alone.  That no matter where we were from or what we believed, we would need to come together.  Not just together like co-workers. Together like a family.  A family of many different races, religions, sexual preference, and backgrounds. The U.S. Army may have its issues at times, but something no one can deny is the family you make while you are in.  The love you share with your brother and sister.  I saw that care in action during a night hike (ruck march).  The sun had just set.  I watched it go down and it was a nice escape from the pain.  My back and legs were hurting.  The little time in my serenity was quickly shattered.  A loud smash and a soft yell.  The guy in front of me had fallen hard. I ran to pick him up…



SFC Guayante (Harambe 6)

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