As I ran to get out of the bus, I was confronted by a sea of confusion and these guys called Drill Sergeants wearing round brown hats.  I stepped into this crazy world that I was not prepared for.  Screaming and yelling rang out ever time my foot hit the ground.  It almost felt like I was stepping on a button that initiated yelling.  As I moved something amazing happened. Everybody tightened up together, like a herd.  This herd of people from all over the world.  I didn’t even know anyone else name yet, but shoulder to shoulder we moved, aiming for this large pile of green bags.  I looked to my left and there was one guy standing away from the crowd.

He quickly learned that he had made a huge mistake.

Like lions they came, taking down the gazelle that had strayed from the pack.  I remember it as 6 Drill Sergeants surrounding him, but it was probably only 4.  It felt like they were everywhere. I kept running.  I know understood the game…we had to work together to achieve our mission.  So we kept running.

Someone tripped in the group.  He fell hard too. We stopped and helped him up.  That is when the Drill Sergeants stopped chasing us, we had learned the lesson. We are a team.

We started to work together to find everyone’s bags.  I heard a loud yell!

“Guy-ant-tee”! Someone had found my bag! They handed it down the line until it got to me. I looked over at the Drill Sergeants, they were just passively watching, waiting for a mistake to happen.  I knew if I stepped away from the group that I would get it.  So I stayed and helped find people’s bags.  The lesson was teamwork.

“If we stick together and work as a team the Drill Sergeant’s will leave us alone!” the new self-made team leader yelled.

Our first victory!

We found everyone’s bag and then the fun began.  Form up! I have no idea what that means but ill just follow someone who does.  We stood in this square rectangle thing…

“Hold your bags in the air!” the Drill Sergeant yelled.

So we held them, as the slowly did a snail pace walk down the line. Checking each name and nametape.  The sauntered slowly down the line, while we shook…it felt like my arms were slowly ripping away from my body.  Then someone to my left gave up.

Drill Sergeant was like a sniper.

He was on that guy so fast it was immaculate how fast he moved.  Then when he was done with him…he started from the beginning.  Our second test…”..I will never accept defeat, I will never quit.” The warrior ethos we Soldiers all live by.  We were learning it on day one.

At the end of that day I was tired, sore, beat down, and yet fulfilled.  I had made it with minimal damage.

I couldn’t wait for breakfast the next morning. I was excited to sit down and eat so much food.  As an 18 year old I could eat so much.

I wonder if they will have pancakes?url.jpg

SFC Guayante (Harambe 6)

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